Sales Partner Scheme Terms & Conditions

The Loystar Sales Partner Program (Partner Program) enables Independent Sales Partners (Partners) to obtain financial rewards by referring prospective customers (prospects/leads) to Loystar and/or Closing deals on behalf of the company (Loystar Solutions Ltd).

Below are our terms of engagement. By signing up to be an Independent Sales Partner, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions (Terms)



    1. If you complete and submit the online partner registration form, we’ll appoint you as our non-exclusive Partner (upon verification) to provide information about the customers Loystar products could serve.
      This program is available to individuals located in Ghana and Nigeria.
    2. You are allowed to:
      1. (a) market and promote our products for this purpose;
      2. (b) use our trademarks strictly in your capacity as Partner (and in this respect we grant you a limited, revocable, non-exclusive and non-transferrable license to use and display our trade marks).
    3. Trial Program
      1. We would run a trial program for 4 weeks in which Loystar determines the continuity of the partner program with the said Partner.
    4. Lead Generation
      1. The mode of operation for this program is through online and offline channels and involves collecting information about prospects. Where the Prospect is a new Loystar client and is not previously known to Loystar or its affiliates;
      2. We would equip you with resources to facilitate the operation. Further instructions would be sent upon sign up.



      • We will pay a 15% commission on the first subscription payment made by merchants, on deals exclusively facilitated by Partners.
      • Payouts: Payouts are done every week. Partners are eligible to payouts when Loystar receives payment for a subscription period.
      • We will pay your referral fee as a deposit to your Bank account via Bank transfer, Mobile Money, Bank direct credit or any other payment channel as facilitated by Loystar.
      • The referral fee is inclusive of all applicable taxes and duties and we reserve the right to alter the referral fee, at our discretion, at any time.
      • There are no restrictions on the number of merchants a Partner may refer.
      • We reserve the right to disqualify and disregard any Referral that we believe (in our absolute discretion) to be attained through fraudulent, illegal, questionable or other methods that may be in breach of these Terms.

Last updated – Dec 04th, 2019